Mary Ann Doran

Margaret Gallo


Registrar of Voters, 155 Deer Hill Ave., Danbury, CT 06810


Monday - Thursday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm


(203) 797-4550


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About Us:

The Registrar of Voters Office is a vital department to the function of the City’s government. This is where residents go to become voters, the most important part of our Democracy. The Office is governed by Connecticut General Statutes and financially supported by the Municipality.  The Registrar of Voters, as the chief election officials, have a wide variety of responsibilities from preparing and certifying the official voting list, to ensuring we have fair, accurate and efficient elections.  The staff attends meetings called by the Secretary of the State to keep current on new and pending legislation as it is proposed and passed.

In addition to overseeing the elections, primaries and referendums they maintain the voter registration files, register voters and conduct an annual canvass of voters.  The Registrar’s Office verifies all primary petitions, secures polling locations. The Registrars are responsible for making monthly changes of voters based on information received from various sources such as DMV.  They must also remove those who have been convicted of a felony or have moved out of the City. The Registrars process all local and statewide petitions.     

They work with various organizations to maintain voter registration at the highest possible level.  Voter registration drives are conducted at the local high schools, senior centers as well as special functions.

Election, Primary or Referenda time is an extremely busy period for the office, as they are responsible for preparing the budget for all elections, conducting the lottery for municipal candidates, making all the arrangements for the seven polling locations in Danbury, and the hiring and training of approximately 300 poll workers and election officials.

Just days prior to the election the office must also prepare an official voter list of active and inactive voters for the seven polling places, arrange for the set up and removal of all voting equipment prior to and immediately after an election, and inspect and pretest all voting machines.  The day of the election, the Registrars must supervise and assist all election officials in addition to voter inquiries. After the election is completed, they ultimately, submit the election results to the Town Clerk.

An after Election Audit is held, at the discretion of the Secretary of the State, to help ensure the accuracy of the voting machines.

These duties reaffirm the importance of this office to the workings of our City government.


Our Accomplishments:

The Registrars just completed the City-wide redistricting of our local Wards.  As a result of the plan the City of Danbury now has nineteen precincts in the seven wards.

The Registrars participated in community events registering voters for Danbury and other Connecticut towns, educating electors on the use of voting machines, and answering voter related questions. 

The Training of Poll Workers is an important part of making sure that elections are administered effectively.  The Registrars try to ensure that all poll workers have been properly trained and are aware of all the latest laws and that the election is conducted in a fair and bipartisan manner.



The Registrars host meetings with other Election Officials on voting technology. They share and learn from their counterparts about the best practices in the administration of elections.


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Registrar of Voters Office is to ensure federal, state and local elections are conducted timely, responsibly, and with the highest level of professional election standards, accountability, security and integrity, intended to earn and maintain public confidence in the electoral process.



How to register, change your name or address, enroll in a political party or change party enrollment:
In person at the Registrar of Voters or the Town Clerk’s office Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
Identification Requirements
By mail (request a registration card from the registrar’s office, complete it and mail it back to 155 Deer Hill Ave., Danbury, CT. 06810).
Department of motor vehicles

Registration Deadlines for New Voters:
Primary: your application must be postmarked by the 5th day before a primary (or received by your registrar of voters by the 5th day before a primary). You may apply in person to your registrar or town clerk until 12:00 noon on the last business day before a primary.
Election: your application must be postmarked by the 14th day before an election or you may register in person with the Registrar of Voters by the 7th day before an election.