Scott Ferguson
Tax Collector
Address: 155 Deer Hill Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810
Telephone: 203-797-4541

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About Us: 

The Tax Collector’s Office is a division of the City of Danbury Finance Department. The Office has its responsibilities issued by the State of Connecticut General Statutes and the City of Danbury Ordinances. Under these statutes and ordinances, the Tax Collector annually mails 200,000 tax and utility bills and notices.

Each day taxpayers come to our office to pay bills or resolve questions related to their accounts. Our cashiers will greet taxpayers and serve them by processing payments and helping with general questions. Taxpayers requiring research or other information are directed into our office where an Account Clerk will have the taxpayer sit with them at their desk, and review their needs. The office takes pride in making these interactions as efficient, educational and customer friendly as possible.

Our Accomplishments:

Every July the office experiences its highest volume of taxpayers. The Division can service upwards of 1,000 taxpayers each day. In July 2012, the office utilized its meet-and-greet approach while taxpayers waited in line to pay. This approach allows taxpayers to resolve issues prior to making their payment, which ensures a quick and efficient process for them. They can approach the person from our office who is greeting them, and get their issue addressed prior to arriving at the cashier window. These initiatives keep the line moving quickly and efficiently, and we were rewarded by receiving many compliments to how we made the process very effective and taxpayer friendly.

The Division is currently involved in converting to new tax software systems that will allow for best practice approaches to paying bills, researching issues, and affording taxpayers alternate payment methods. These systems will also interact with other city systems to allow for real time information exchange and enhanced customer service.