Alan D. Baker
Police Chief

Address: 375 Main Street
Danbury, CT 06810
Telephone: 203-797-4614


About Us:

The Danbury Police Department is a modern, proactive and professional law enforcement agency which is dedicated to providing our citizens with the highest level of police related services. From our humble beginnings in 1889 to our current state of the art police headquarters the members and staff of the Danbury Police Department remain ever vigilant in their mission to provide an environment for the people of Danbury that is free from the fear of crime. The City of Danbury consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in the country. Good policing is just one aspect of our safe city designation. Good governance and an engaged citizenry have been and continue to be vital to our continued success.


Currently the staff of the Danbury Police Department consists of 167 sworn and civilian personnel who work under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police. The department is divided into 3 divisions consisting of; Patrol, Investigative and Professional Standards. The Patrol Division is by far the most active and visible face of the department handling an estimated 94 percent of all police related activity. Always at the ready the men and women of the patrol division are the police departments’ first responders to any crisis.


The Investigative Division as its name implies is responsible for conducting complex investigations relating to all aspects of criminal behavior. Within the division detectives employ advanced investigative techniques to identify and apprehend criminal suspects. Many detectives and investigators specialize in various disciplines including, white collar crime, special victims, narcotics and vice, crime scenes and missing persons. These men and women work closely with the state and federal law enforcement and criminal prosecutors to bring criminal suspects to justice.


The Professional Standards Division rounds out the department and works in support of the Patrol and Investigative Divisions.  Activities include records management, animal control, accreditation, internal affairs, recruitment and training.


Experience teaches us that natural and man made disasters can strike at any moment and often with little or no warning. As such the Danbury Police Department in partnership with neighboring Police Departments, Fire and EMS personnel, Public Works, the Board of Education and our Elected Leaders constantly plan, evaluate, train and prepare for such events.