Virginia Alosco-Werner
Director of Human Resources

Address: 155 Deer Hill Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810
Telephone: 203-797-4598:Human Resources

203-797-4589:Civil Service

Civil Service Rules

About Us:

The Human Resources Department is a proactive strategic business partner committed to providing quality service in all Human Resource operations with integrity, responsiveness, and sensitivity to all 600+ employees of the City of Danbury.  The Department facilitates and manages change and the pursuit of excellence in all employee-oriented programs, while influencing positive management-workforce relationships. The Human Resources Department establishes, administers, and effectively communicates sound policies, rules and practices that treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining organizational compliance with employment and labor laws, City directives, and labor agreements. The Department is also responsible for the negotiations and administration of all collective bargaining agreements.


Human Resources is responsible for promoting and recruiting the best qualified people while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the workplace.  The Department successfully enforces the principles of the Civil Service System.  Human Resources and Civil Service are committed to and responsible for maintaining and upholding a fair and equitable testing process that is based solely on merit.  Through our collective knowledge and experience, we strive for efficiency and consistency in the application of Civil Service Commission rules and policies.    


Our Accomplishments:  

The Human Resources Department is committed to providing innovative human resource solutions as well as maximizing the value of our greatest asset - our employees. Therefore, the department strives to promote growth, accountability and increased skill level within our staff. Additionally, the Department continues to serve as a source of information and expertise in all areas of Human Resource Management in order to maintain effective, supportive and legal working environments throughout the City.

In general, the Human Resources Department has maintained its commitment to acting equitably and consistently in our pursuit of uncompromising quality services and support.  This includes seizing opportunities to employ methods which enhance service, communication and productivity while reducing spending and controlling cost. 

This year, the Human Resources/Civil Service Department has developed and administered rigorous Civil Service testing for the Police and Fire Departments resulting in the successful promotions of the most exceptional candidates.  This change in testing has created higher standards and the ultimate “best fit” candidate for the position.  Furthermore, the Department researched, reviewed and successfully revised the Civil Service Rules and created an open forum and transparent recruitment and testing process by providing timely and accurate response and feedback to employees and applicants.  These updates and changes have resulted in an overall more effective, efficient and trustworthy civil service process.

The Department has also started the process of initiating project SMARTGOV (Strategic Municipal Assessment of Resources and Transformation of Government).  The goal of this extensive initiative will be to evaluate and transform the operational and management efficiencies and organizational structure of the City and Board of Education. 

Labor relations continues to be an integral part of the Department.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the Department has successfully continued collaborative efforts with the bargaining units in proactively settling labor issues thereby avoiding grievances and/or arbitrations resulting in better relations as well as cost savings.  Additionally, Human Resources negotiated to conclusion a complex agreement for the Civilianization of Dispatch services.

In our commitment to improve our own efficiency and effectiveness, we continue to maintain security and privacy by reorganizing files in accordance with Connecticut State Law.  The Department also continues to review and revise existing policies as well as develop and implement new policies as appropriate. 



Goals and Objectives:

For the next fiscal year, Human Resources will begin to implement the recommendations of the SMARTGOV team and continue to evaluate and revise the initiatives as necessary to meet the mission and core values of the City and Board of Education.

The Department is also looking forward to effectively and successfully negotiating to conclusion all new bargaining unit contracts due to expire June 30, 2015.  Furthermore, it is our goal to continue positive and collaborative efforts with the Unions representing our bargaining units and to continue to assist and counsel department heads and employees in the administration of the contracts to ensure compliance with all provisions of each contract.

Human Resources plans to implement and utilize a comprehensive automated HRIS system that will provide the data necessary for formulating fact based strategic Human Resources decisions and enhance efficiencies in work flow and allow for enhanced service delivery.  In conjunction with this system, we will be configuring and implementing an on-line application and tracking system that will further increase the efficiency and accuracy of the recruitment process in a remarkably cost effective manner.

The Department will also continue to ensure a valued work force in a safe and discrimination free environment by maintaining compliance with employment laws and bargaining unit contracts; providing management and employee training; and developing and updating policies and procedures. Training will continue in areas of effective leadership, anti-harassment and sensitivity training, and employment law and government regulations.  Additionally, the Department will continue to provide value added services in a cost effective manner by reviewing current processes and conducting performance improvement initiatives within the Department.  We plan to uphold our commitment to the employees of the City of Danbury while striving to meet the goals of financial sustainability now and in the future.