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The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department prides itself on being versatile and resourceful with respect to all engineering related projects for the City.  On a daily basis, this Division’s staff is involved in a variety of tasks ranging from work on schools, bridges, sidewalks, storm drainage, sanitary sewers, water mains, traffic signals, and roadways.

The Engineering Division has an operating budget of approximately $1,000,000. The Division consists of six licensed professional engineers, an associate engineer, two licensed surveyors, a traffic engineer, traffic technicians, a draftsman and administrative staff.  All take great satisfaction in the design and administration of worthwhile, solidly engineered, safe, and budget-conscious designs for construction, renovations and improvements related to City projects.

The Engineering Division’s mission is to ensure the high accuracy and efficiency of all work that affects the City and the public and to see that proposed engineering projects are designed and inspected based on sound engineering standards and guidelines to prevent a negative impact on properties and the general public.  Division staff works closely with consultants, contractors, architects, engineers, and developers to secure project approvals in the shortest possible period of time.  The Division also provides regular technical reports and reviews to the City Council.


Our Accomplishments:


This year the Division approved 220 sanitary sewer and water connection permits and performed field inspections to verify compliance with engineering standards.


The Division spends a considerable amount of time designing and administering sanitary sewer main, water main, storm drainage, roadway improvement including assessment projects.  Several engineers are involved daily in reviewing various site plans, special exception and subdivision applications for land use approval.  Various engineers of this Division reviewed and approved the design and subsequent construction of many sanitary sewers, water mains, subdivision roads, and storm drains proposed by developers to make certain that these installations meet current City and State standards before their acceptance by the City.


The Division worked with the City’s architectural consultants relative to secure $44,000,000 funding from the State Bureau of School Facilities for additions to Shelter Rock, Stadley Rough and Park Avenue elementary schools and the conversion of Mill Ridge Intermediate School to a middle school. The Division played an integral part in the architects’ development of construction plans and specifications for these projects and in the bidding of these projects. All school projects are under construction slated for start of school year 2014 occupancy.


The Division worked closely with an engineering consultant on plans for the reconstruction of the Crosby Street Bridge.  The project will be put out to bid after State approval to funding.  In-house design and management of the East Franklin Street Bridge were completed. The Division is working on the in-house design of improvements to the Reservoir Street Bridge and repairs to Clear Brook Bridge will commence this year.


Area neighborhood improvements to the Foster Street neighborhood have been surveyed and designed in-house. The Spring Street improvement project will be completed this summer. Surveying is also in progress for area improvement projects in the Westville Avenue area, as well as along Summit Street, Griffing Avenue and near the Ellsworth Avenue School.


The Division developed plans and specifications and acquired permits for Phase I maintenance along the Still River Channel. Phase I brush and tree clearing along the channel embankments has been completed. Plans are being developed for Phase II. The Division also prepared survey and in-house plans for beautification and establishment of the Farmer’s Market home park, Kennedy Park, and Patriot Drive Skate Park that includes modern skating equipment which will enhance the corner of Pahquioque Avenue and Patriot Drive.  All three projects should be completed this summer.


The Division managed the contract for new aerial mapping of the City. This new mapping has been completed and will be a valuable tool to all City departments and agencies in their daily operations and for future planning purposes.


The Division’s survey crew continually works on easements, verification of rights of way, monitoring reservoir levels, preparing surveys for in-house design of City projects, and updates maps of the entire City storm drainage systems using GPS equipment.


The Division worked with Western Connecticut State University on the design of pedestrian safety improvements along White Street in the vicinity of the University.  The City Engineer is a member of the White Street Task Force for safety improvement to White Street and in the vicinity of the university. 


The Division also designs, installs and routinely maintains traffic control signal devices and pavement markings. It collects and analyzes traffic volume and accident information.  The traffic engineer reviews land use development plans and handles public complaints.  The traffic section of the Division is presently working with the State DOT on the development, design, and construction of a number of projects including the $10,000,000 Newtown Road Corridor Study and preliminary engineering design, the $3,000,000 Triangle Street and South Street intersection improvements, $22,000,000 North Street and I-84 Exits 5 and 6 improvements, the $2,000,000 White Street and Locust Avenue intersection improvements, and the $5,000,000 Pembroke Road/Rte 37 and Stacey Road intersection that are all intended to address traffic conditions in the area). 


Traffic personnel were actively involved in the design and implementation of the communication network for the design of a $2,000,000 traffic signal coordination project for the Park Avenue/Backus Avenue corridor, which is nearly completed.  Improvement projects at the intersection of Osborne Street and Fifth Avenue and Lake Avenue at Shannon Ridge Road and Ridge Road and Lake Avenue at Segar Street for $1,000,000.  These intersection improvements are partially funded by the Connecticut DOT Local Road Accident Reduction Grant Program for intersection improvements.


The Division’s friendly and responsive staff  is committed to providing outstanding customer service on a daily basis and assisting residents in their search for maps and information relative to new projects, sanitary sewer and water lines in their neighborhoods.