Robert J. Yamin
Corporation Counsel

Laszlo Pinter
Deputy Corporation Counsel
155 Deer Hill Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810

Telephone: 203-797-4518

Robin L. Edwards,
Assistant Corporation Counsel
Dianne Rosemark, Assistant Corporation Counsel

About Us:

The Office of the Corporation Counsel manages the entire remarkably broad legal function of the Government of the City of Danbury.  The office, comprised of attorneys highly skilled in municipal law and a variety of other legal disciplines, advises the Mayor, City Council, and all city departments, agencies, executives, and boards of their legal rights, duties and responsibilities.  The office also provides the employees of the city with legal advice upon their request.   There are many occasions when the office also assists visitors or constituents who, without knowledge or experience with the system of local government, arrive at our door seeking help with a problem with a home, road, business or other similar matter that involves city input.


Attorney Robert J. Yamin is the Corporation Counsel and Chief Legal Officer of the City of Danbury and Director of Legal Services. He is assisted by Associate Corporation Counsels Dianne E. Yamin and Raymond P. Yamin, as well as the entire Law Firm of Yamin & Yamin LLP. Three in-house staff attorneys maintain the office, Deputy Corporation Counsel Laszlo L. Pinter, Asst. Corporation Counsel Robin L. Edwards, and Asst. Corporation Counsel Dianne E. Rosemark, as well as Legal Secretary, Robin Shepard. In addition to the Corporation Counsel and in-house legal staff, the City often retains specialized outside legal counsel when needed, in cases dealing with such matters as labor relations, and major or complex litigation.


Our Accomplishments:


In general, the Office of the Corporation Counsel begins its work when it receives requests for legal opinions from its City clients, or is apprised of actual or potential legal issues by them. This is followed by a comprehensive review of the law, consultations with affected parties and, finally, issuance of recommendations or opinions regarding the issue at hand.


The Office continues to be intensively involved in the process of acquiring a number of properties in order to allow for the development and completion of significant public projects, as well as the acquisition of significant parcels of open space land for preservation, as authorized by the voters and City Council, currently including a recently-completed acquisition of an additional 14+ acres of open space on Route 7 South, known as the Jackson Pond property, this following one of the most substantial open space acquisitions in our City's history (comprising nearly 200 acres), which the Office completed just last year, and we are assisting in placing these irreplaceable properties in service to our citizens.  The Office has also continued to aggressively defend corporate and private tax appeal litigation in an effort to hold property values stable and to preserve the City’s strong tax base. We continue to defend workers compensation and heart and hypertension claims, while at the same time recognizing the need to assist those injured in the line of duty. We defend the City in numerous land use claims and appeals, and other litigation matters, as well as advise our land use departments and agencies regarding important issues safeguarding the rights of property owners through enforcement and other activities.  


Our most successful stories often derive from the ability of the Office to assist our clients in working collaboratively with businesses.  For example, when our municipal airport was threatened with a restriction on operations, our office immediately took legal measures to secure the rights necessary to obtain full FAA compliance, thus preserving not only the airport itself, but also the many businesses on or adjacent to the airfield, and we did so while securing most of the funding required for this process from federal, rather than City, funds.  Most recently, we, along with the Mayor and City Council, are playing a central role in achieving a Renaissance in the very heart of our City, in connection with the commencement of development of a large tract on central Main Street, into market-rate residential rental housing, comprising several hundred such homes, which has the potential of taking the economic and cultural center of our City to heights not seen in generations.


We look forward to continuing to approach legal issues, concerns and requests with an eye to not only resolving such issues, but also to improving and supporting the betterment of our City and its residents. To do so, we will continue to advise our clients regarding efforts to protect natural resources, and property rights, and to safeguard public safety while balancing municipal rights and the public interest.