Jean Natale
Legislative Assistant
155 Deer Hill Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810
Telephone: 203-797-4514



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City of Danbury Charter

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About Us:

The Legislative Assistant is the clerk for all 21 Volunteer City Council members and also serves the public, the Mayor and most of the Administrative Departments. Each month the office prepares the Agenda for the City Council Meetings, any special meetings, ad hocs and public hearings and then ensures that the minutes of the respective meetings are recorded and publicized in an expedient manner according to the City Charter.

The Legislative Assistant is responsible for the publication of hearing notices and all new or changed ordinances, all of which must be made available for the public and all City departments.
There are numerous other duties such as tours of City Hall to enlighten our school children on our legislative process, taking in claims against the City, certifying official documents with the City Seal, scheduling recorders for all meetings, scheduling all meeting rooms in City Hall and doing any duty that our City Council members require.



Our Accomplishments:

Due to years of code and process modifications enacted by the State of Connecticut, the Legislative Assistant is near completion of the awesome two year task of re-codification of all City Ordinances. It has been fifty years since these have been last updated and this process will ensure that Danbury’s City Ordinances are current and aligned with all State regulations and requirements.

Other notable Legislative Assistant projects in the past year include the scanning of over 20 years worth of old Council documents, records and minutes. By doing so, we were able to put all records online for easy 24/7 access available via the City website. Significant savings for the tax payer was created by publishing a booklet of “Budget Ordinances and Resolutions” which was distributed through the area newspaper eliminating the need to print those same documents in the newspapers legal section.

The Legislative Assistant is working with the Mayor and It Department to stream "live" video of the monthly Council meetings as well as all ad-hoc meetings of the Council.  The use of the 'Granicus' system further improves not only the technology of the City, but provides more transparency in City Government. 

The Legislative Assistant will continue to update and improve the office to better serve the City Council and taxpayers of the City of Danbury.